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Adventz's About

Every Million Journey, Begins with Single Step

Starts with Simple Hobby Thing, This Company was Born.
Starts with Hard Work and Consistency, This Company Grow Up.
Starts with Trust and Satisfaction, This Company Exist.

Travel Consultant Company which located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that has Priority to Give a Proper Holiday by Giving its Thought, Mind, and Experience for Every Single Person who Stucked in a Bustling of Daily Activities in Over the World.

  • Trip Planner

    Unforgottable Memories Must Be Created.

  • Happy Maker

    Build Your Limitless of Happiness.

  • Journey Friend

    24/7 Ready to Accompany Your Holiday.

  • Timely Assistance

    Punctuality is Our Priority.

The Adventz Team

Young, Wild and Free!
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Dwi Auditya Muttaqin (Audit)

Co-Founder and Director
Graduated from Darul Arqam Boarding School, Garut. By Knowledge and Experience in Travelling World, He Focus on Making Smile People Around .
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Adibah Kamal (Dibah)

Marketing & Sales Executive
An Energic Young Girl who Originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Expertise in Travel Itinerary by Setting Up a Day with a Full of Excitement and Adventurous Injection
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Genta Haris Furqon (GENTA)

Operational Executive

Originally Comes from Bekasi. As Hard Worker and Inspiring People, He Fulfilled this Company by Rainbow.

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Suka Purwanto (Bodong)

Administrative Executive

When an Eagerness Meets a Thousand Opportunities, He Pass Through All Troubles Come along by Easily.

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